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Being Ginger is a unique look at life as a redhead. What starts as a simple question, “Can I find a woman who is specifically attracted to men with red hair,” becomes a story about the difficulties of modern dating and the insecurities we all share. (With a few ginger jokes sprinkled in for good measure.)


All my life I’ve heard about this mythical woman, a woman who specifically likes men with red hair, but I’ve never met anyone who qualifies. So now I’m actively looking. And I’m making a feature length documentary film about my quest.

I’ve taken this film to a number of broadcasters and film funders and everyone has passed on it. They don’t think there is an audience for this story. I think they are wrong. But I need your help. I don’t have a budget for marketing (I don’t even have a budget to pay Lou, my amazing camera woman), so all I can do is ask that you like the facebook page, and if you liked the trailer, click the “share” button to show it to your friends. And they don’t have to be ginger, this film is for everyone. And maybe, if I can get enough people to become fans on facebook, we can show the broadcasters they don’t know everything.

Thank you.


This weekend I showed a never before seen clip at the first Redhead Day UK, and afterwards I appeared on BBC Breakfast. (29 June 2013)

It took much longer than I thought it would, but I just locked picture on the film.  (Which means that the picture editing is finished.  I still have some sound and colour work to go, but this is a big step.) (25 June 2013)

The Kickstarter campaign has come to an end, and I was able to raise $12,698 from 311 very kind supporters.  (27 September 2012)

Tim Minchin tweeted the kickstarter page and called it “Awesome.” (13 September 2012)

The short version of Being Ginger will have it’s world premiere at the Redhead Day Festival in Breda, The Netherlands on August 31st. They expect 10,000 redheads from all over the world. (7 August 2012)

We are proud to announce that the original short version of Being Ginger just picked up the 2012 Creative Scotland Student Media Award for Best Documentary. (29 March 2012)