Now that is a noble cause

Now that is a noble cause

I don’t usually do this, as a rule, but I’m making an exception because this is a friend of mine.

Are you familiar with the series on Vine called “Ryan Gosling won’t eat his cereal?”  It’s a brilliant series that went viral this past year.  Here’s a sample of it:

This simple premise, which gives me so much joy every time I watch it, was created by a friend of mine named Ryan McHenry.  Ryan was an undergrad film student when I was getting my master’s at the Edinburgh College of Art.  He did fiction, and his graduation film was amazing.  He is an extremely talented filmmaker and all around nice guy.

So Ryan is currently in a social media contest.  As of this moment he finds himself in second place.  Who is in first?  One Direction.  Now normally this alone would be a good enough reason for you to run off and vote for Ryan.  But there’s one other thing.  Ryan, who is only 26, is also currently engaged in one-on-one combat with cancer.  And he’s using his filmmaking skills to inspire other cancer patients.  The winner of this contest wins a trip to New York, and as it happens the trip lines up with his last planned chemo treatment.  So come on, the stars have aligned.  Who are we to stop it?

It only takes one tweet.  Please go here and vote for Ryan.  (This is like one of those emotional feel good stories that you read about after they happen, but this time you get to help make it happen.)  And please pass it on.