Q&A in Toronto

Q&A in Toronto

The last six months has been pretty incredible; I’ve attended screenings in eleven cities across North America, and each one was an absolute joy. I wanted to take my camera and film some of the post screening chat at all of them, but it just wasn’t possible. I was able to get some stuff shot after the main Toronto screening, and I’ve put it together in a ten minute YouTube clip. So if you’ve wondered what it was like for me to attend these screenings take a look:

I was pretty nervous about drawing a real audience each time, but the Toronto screening was on a Tuesday at 6.30, so I was especially concerned. I mean how many people are going to come out that early on a Tuesday night? 211 turned up, making it the largest audience to see the film at one screening.

And what you see in this video is a pretty accurate representation of all the screenings, including bumping into strangers who supported the film on Kickstarter, having non-redheads tell me how much they connected to the film, and mostly my own joy at seeing the emotional impact the film had on people.

Thanks again to each and every person who came out for a screening.

I’m not sure what the future holds, but I’m still hoping to attend a few more.