Red Hot

Red Hot

I guess this is appropriate to talk about this week, although I hadn’t planned it to work out this way.

If you didn’t know there is a photography exhibition going on in London this week called Red Hot.  It’s by a redheaded male photographer named Thomas Knights.  He wanted to do something to change the negative stereotypes that exists around redheaded men.

What stereotype, you ask?  I think this week’s Tale of Everyday Gingerism sums it up perfectly:

(By the way, what I really loved about this incident was that the woman started off by saying there was nothing wrong with redheads and in the span of just 15 seconds managed to say something awful.)

It isn’t pleasant, but that is the stereotype.  It’s the way that redheaded men have been depicted in film and television for years.  I hope the success of Damien Lewis, Rupert Grint, and Ed Sheeran can change that.  I also hope that Mr. Knight’s show is a smashing success.

(That said, I just want to take a moment to point something out.  Every time there is something in the news about redheads, someone sends me a link to it.  Mostly I appreciate it; I can’t read every newspaper in the world, and some things slip through the cracks.  That said, I really wish people would stop sending me the same six-year-old story about how we’re going to die out in fifty years.  But lately I get sent links to Red Hot more than anything else.  So let me just take a second to say that I am a heterosexual.  The film is not about hot redheaded guys, it’s about me looking for a woman.  While I hope Red Hot is a success, I don’t personally need to look at photos of half-naked men.  I’m just saying.  Also, I’m a media whore and I’m jealous I wasn’t asked to have my picture taken for the project.)