I always thought I was required to hate critics, but it’s hard when they keep saying nice things about the film:

“Sweet, funny, and ultimately rather touching…enormously endearing.” -Jeannette Catsoulis, New York Times

“This entertaining and enlightening doc also serves as a highly effective cinematic personal ad.” -Frank Scheck, The Hollywood Reporter

“The beauty of this 68 min. documentary is that it wasn’t meant to be about bullying – but in a kind, honest, unjudgmental way, it teaches reams about it.”-Anne Collier (a nationally recognized youth advocate),

“A rather deep and beautifully-told film…an absolute joy to watch…There wasn’t a single moment of the running time when I was not hooked to the screen and completely captivated.” 4 stars -Jeff Nelson, DVD Talk

“Compelling…Significant…Timely…Unique and worthy of celebration.”  -Stephen Saito, The Moveable Feast

“What this movie succeeds in doing is a hugely rare thing.  It takes a very specific lens coupled with an even more specific story and turns it into a universal narrative.” 8.5/10 -Mike Luxemburg, Renegade Cinema

“A warm, inspirational and unflinchingly honest doc that’s equally moving and uplifting.” -Avi Offer, NYC Movie Guru

“A goldmine of honesty and universality…fascinating.” -Josh Rosenblatt, Texas Observer

This isn’t a review so much as it’s a sum up piece about the first US screening in Austin but I love this line from the writer:

“Ignore the title…It’s about anything that makes you feel a little different, and the awkwardness and creeping sense of self-doubt it can create.” -Richard Whittaker, The Austin Chronicle

Richard followed that with an interview than ran in the print edition of the Chronicle.


I was very touched when I saw this tweet from Patricia Heaton, who played Ray’s wife on Everybody Loves Raymond.

She told me she watched it with two of her sons, aged 15 and 18, and they thought it was fantastic. (And they aren’t redheads.) There is something very cool about knowing that I made someone who is professionally funny laugh, and that she liked it enough she decided to share it on her own. Thanks Patricia.

I was also very touched when Brian Herzlinger, the director and star of one of my favorite docs, “My Date With Drew,” got in touch with me after watching my film. He loved it, and gave me this quote to share:
Brian's quote