Tales of Everyday Gingerism

Tales of Everyday Gingerism is my way of sharing a few stories that amuse me. I’m working with my friend, animatorCat Bruce, to bring these episodes to life. Just to be clear, these are not meant to be a complaint, just windows into my experience since I moved to Scotland four years ago. I hope you enjoy them.

Being Ginger came to bebecause one night I shared a fewstories with some friends, and they begged me to make a film out of them. This is the first of those stories. It happened less than a month after I arrived in Scotland, and was my welcome to “gingerism” in the UK.

A few months later, this happened:

As a result of those two stories my friends convinced me to make a film. The first step was trying to get it funded, so I had to pitch it.

While I was working on the film I had a number of interesting exchanges, most of which served to remind me why I was making it in the first place.

I don’t know if I’m alone on this, but I feel like non-redheads are always confusing me with other redheads. I have lots of stories of mistaken identity, but this one is the weirdest.

And finally, there is this gem. It would have gone in the film, but it happened very recently:
I hope you enjoyed these animations. There might be more coming in the future, I expect some interesting things to happen on the film’s tour. (Subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don’t miss them.) Also there are three more in the actual film. Cheers. -scott