The Myths of Red Hair

While the response to the film has been overwhelmingly positive, a number of people have expressed the wish that I’d included the science behind having red hair.  I can understand that in seeing a documentary called “Being Ginger” most people would probably expect a little science because that is what they are accustomed to seeing in documentaries.  But as filmmaker, science has never really interested me.**  I’m much more interested in storytelling, not simply delivering information.  That said, back in August I was invited to attend a talk by a geneticist about the myths associated with having red hair.  I brought along my camera and they let me film it.  I’d like to share an excerpt from that talk with you.

It is my hope that this will help kill the silly rumor that we are going to die out, or the *slightly* offensive view that we are neanderthals.  I think what I found most interesting was learning that you can probably identify if someone is carrying the gene if they are pale and have freckles.

There is a second part to this talk that I’ll put out next week, it includes one of the funniest stories I’ve ever heard.

You can learn more about Dr. Jackson here.

**Science actually fascinates me, I studied engineering before I became a filmmaker.  All I mean is that I’m not a fan of dry documentaries that are full of interviews with experts.